BioCote® is a silver-Based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into products at the time of manufacture, giving their surfaces protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold and fungi.

Even in the cleanest of environments, microbes, such as bacteria, mold and fungi, will begin to multiply on surfaces in-between cleaning, causing a build-up of grime and odors.

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Bacterial growth on a non-BioCote® protected surface compared to a BioCote® protected surface.

As it can be seen in the illustration, if the same levels of bacteria were found on both surfaces the bacteria on the non-BioCote® surface will proliferate and could reach very dangerous levels.

Natural Antimicrobial Solution

Bacteria are a fact of life, however it is important to manage and control these levels and reduce them to a minimum. That is why innowave® is pleased to announce the addition of BioCote® antimicrobial as an added defense against bacteria to the product line.

What is BioCote®?

BioCote® is a unique antimicrobial solution that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms based upon silver technology. Silver technology is the process of adding silver ions to materials at the manufacturing stage producing an active concentration of silver ions on the surface of the product. The silver ions cause functions in the bacteria to break down, resulting in the bacteria being unable to reproduce and therefore inhibits bacterial growth.

  • BioCote® technology gives products continuous antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold and fungi, making them cleaner and safer.
  • BioCote® technology inhibits microbial growth on the surface of products, helping to reduce unpleasant odors, degradation or deterioration.
  • BioCote® is applied to a wide variety of products and can be found in many environments, from hospitals to kitchens and washrooms.


BioCote® antimicrobial technology is EFSA, EPA and FDA approved and is registered under the European Biocidal Products directive.