Medical, dental, & laboratory water treatment systems

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PureLifeH2O’s medical grade water purification systems produce high quality, non-corrosive, Distilled and deionized water, letting you replace your bottles with simplicity and convenience.

The distilled and mineralized, deionized water produced by PureLifeH2O is perfect for use with all medical equipment and is unobtrusive, supported by a team of specialists, and backed by a guarantee to protect your autoclave and sterilizer Statim equipment.


  • Provides deionized and demineralized water right from the tap
  • 30-75 Gallons of water per day
  • Protects sensitive equipment • Improves staff speed & efficiency
  • Discrete installation
  • Increase storage space by eliminating bottles
  • No installation cost, low monthly fees – save money
  • 60 months Price GUARANTEED
  • Never run out of water!

Water cooler dispenser hot and cold water for staff and patients available

The most economical automatic water distiller

Our most economical and compact water distiller automatically fills and turns on and off as required.

Up to 30 to 75 gallons per day depending on the model of your choice.

Fills tank as required so you never run out to keep your offce running smoothly without interruptions, providing excellent customer service


Hassle-free. No more running out to grab jugs

Highest level of patient safety

Your patient’s health and expensive equipment are among your practice’s top priority when using distilled water. The boiling process ensures there are no contaminants detectable.


Cut half the cost of buying bottled jugs, leaving you with extra cash in your pockets

Environmentally friendly

Mark your carbon footprint and help omit tons of waste produced in the manufacturing and bottling process by getting rid of bottled plastic jugs.