Waterlogic Firewall™

The Waterlogic Firewall™ is the only drinking water UV purification system that has met the strict international requirements of WHO (World Health Organization) for Water Treatment Technologies.

Firewall Tested
The product tested was the Waterlogic Hybrid, utilising the UV patented Waterlogic proprietary Firewall
technology. Firewall purification system is also available in the: WL4; WL3; WL2; Cube and other  Waterlogic models. WHO have established this test to evaluate and approve water treatment products to ensure they provide efficient and adequate pathogen protection.


WHO Testing
The tests were conducted by WHO in collaboration with NSF International to measure the reduction of three key pathogens in water: bacteria; viruses; and protozoa. Results were categorised by WHO into different Tiers. Only products which can provide a comprehensive pathogen protection are approved by WHO.


The Results
Firewall achieved the highest marks with 99.9999% reduction in bacteria and 99.999% in viruses. An excellent result was also achieved for Protozoa with a 99.9% reduction. Overall Firewall achieved an outstanding Tier 2 status for comprehensive protection from the three main classes of pathogens. This is an exceptional result unmatched by other products.


Waterlogic Firewall™

  • Free from microorganisms
  • Free from viruses
  • Free from contaminants
  • Free from chlorine E

The Firewall system has achieved another significant international certification which confirms how highly effective the Waterlogic Firewall technology is at making drinking water safe. This WHO certification brings another outstanding seal of approval, with Waterlogic meeting WHO’s strict International standard for water quality and purification.