Water Treatment Solutions in the Greater Toronto Area

At PureLife H2O we offer innovative, environmentally friendly and most importantly healthy whole house water treatment systems. Our range of products and services include water softeners, green reverse osmosis with remineralization, and UV treatment for elimination of bacteria and viruses.

We believe that quality of water means quality of the mind.

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    Water Passes Through a Leak Detektor

    For added peace of mind, we use FLO by Moen leak detector in our installations, in order to eliminate chances of leaks. The leak detector will protect the entire house against leaks and may offer reductions to your home insurance premiums.

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    FX Green is activated charcoal based pre-filter that significantly reduces the amount of chlorine from municipal water supply. This pre-filter alone will greatly enhance the quality of water available in your house by removing unpleasant odors and taste altering contaminants.

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    EC-45 Water Softener

    EC-45 is one of the best and most efficient water conditioning systems on the market today. It works by attracting calcium and magnesium particles to tiny resin beads inside the tank. Once the resins have reached their capacity, the system will automatically clean and recharge the beads.

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    Green Reverse Osmosis MR-1

    Our premium reverse osmosis system uses a green membrane with a 1:1 ratio of pure water to waste water, unlike competing systems using 1:4 ratio. Its 5 stage filtration and remineralization system produces great tasting, healthy water and is a cost effective and more environmentally friendly option compared to bottled water.

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Complete Home Water Treatment System

Tap water contains millions of impurities; some you can see, taste and smell, and some you cannot. Particulates such as rust and sediment, or very small air bubbles, might make your water appear cloudy. While this might be visually unappealing, these particulates are harmless. However, harmful impurities like bacteria or cysts (i.e.; giardia, cryptosporidium) might contaminate your water and cause flu-like illnesses if your water goes untreated.

At Pure Life H2O, we are proud to offer our clients a turn key water treatment solution at great savings. Our Complete Home Water Treatment with Carbon Filtration System not only improves the quality of your water which is opening the doors of a healthier life, but also gives you great tasting water from every faucet in your home including the shower and bath.

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