Katalox Iron Removal Filtration System

As part of its line up of industrial and commercial water treatment systems, Katalox has introduced its PenFE range of iron removal systems. The PenFE iron removal systems are special application filters to reduce iron content in water.

The distilled and mineralized, deionized water produced by PureLifeH2O is perfect for use with all medical equipment and is unobtrusive, supported by a team of specialists, and backed by a guarantee to protect your autoclave and sterilizer Statim equipment.


Made with FRP / Composite Structural pressure vessels
With Automatic Fleck filtration valves
All major equipments like pressure vessels , valves manufactured in house
Made with special iron removal media


Removal of iron impurity from utilities and drinking water applications for buildings and light industrial applications.
Pretreatment to other water treatment plants.
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